Tamara at desk


Being a solopreneur is not easy. You have to make all the tough business decisions by yourself. There is no input from a team, co-workers, or a manager because you’re the boss. You are responsible for everything. If something goes wrong there is no one to blame but you. When everything goes right, the person to celebrate should be you. As an entrepreneur, you have a love-hate relationship. There are going to be days when you love what you do and days when you wonder why did I decide to do this.

These are the reasons why I love and hate being a solopreneur.


1. I Love Working When, Where, and How I Want

There is no one telling me what time I have to clock in and out and when I should take my lunch or 15-minute break. I don’t have to report to anyone because I am in charge of my own destiny. My success and failures are determined by my choices and mine alone. I am the CEO of my life.


2. I Hate Being A Solopreneur Because All My Ideas Are Great

NO, THEY ARE NOT. When you have no one to brainstorm with or bounce ideas off of, all your ideas are awesome. You have plans to do this and that, but there is no one to tell you that idea may not be the greatest. Looking at things from another persons perspective is a good thing and can assist you with making decisions that could move your business forward or slow it down.  As an entrepreneur, it is always a good idea to poll your audience and find out what they think and what they want.


3. I Can Set My Own Salary

As long as I meet my business obligations, I can pay myself as I see fit. I don’t have payroll and staff to pay. No need to wait years for a raise that I may not get. I can make more money and don’t have to worry about a salary cap.


4. My Income is Not Consistent

Even though I can set my own salary, when I pay myself is not always going to be at the same time each month and the amount won’t be the same either. Depending on the season and the state of the economy, you could have a few good months and then all of a sudden a slowdown.


5. Freedom

My office can be anywhere. I can work from home, in a cafe, on the beach, or anywhere I want. I can take the day off and spend time with my family and come and go as I please without anyone questioning me. My vacation days, weeks, months off whenever I want. If I don’t feel like working that day, I don’t have to.


6. Late Nights & Longer Work Hours

One of the benefits of working a 9-5 is being able to clock out and not have to take work home with you and deal with it the next day. You’ve worked your shift and done all that you could do for the day and start all over the next day. The life of an entrepreneur is different. You are responsible for everything. You may have to stay up late to finish a project you are working on to meet that deadline.


7. I Can Fully Be Myself

Say goodbye to being micro-managed. No more walking on eggshells or conforming to corporate norms. As an entrepreneur, you can truly be your authentic self. Make your own rules or have none at all.